SPI, when used as part of the AVIVETM Water Treatment Solution, has produced some significant breakthroughs by delivering quality water for municipalities, agriculture and commercial buildings:

Municipal Drinking Water

In municipal drinking water: reduced potentially harmful disinfection by-products by 75% while maintaining a peroxide residual throughout the distribution system. As a result, water being wasted by flushing was reduced by 25% and associated operating costs for the entire system were below projections.

Greenhouse Irrigation Water

In greenhouse irrigation water: an average 15ppm of peroxide was dosed and cATP concentrations were reduced by a factor of ten in less than five weeks. Plant yield measures increased significantly.

On the Farm

Potted Herbs production with irrigation water: shelf life of plants increased…cilantro – doubled; oregano – tripled; basil – quadrupled. The ability to maintain the precise peroxide residual was instrumental to these improvements.

Greywater and Reuse

For a commercial aquarium: savings in the reuse of safe and compliant water paid for the total investment and operating costs in less than nine months.