SPI measures – accurately and precisely – the water treatment metrics that directly affect water quality, safety and compliance:

  • pH
  • Flow
  • Peroxide or Chlorine level

SPI analyzes water at regular time intervals for each of these metrics. Based on these analyses, the SPI system can automatically adjust the dosing of peroxide or chlorine in the water to maintain a residual level, as required.

SPI offers real time reporting and control from remote locations via network or secure Internet connections.

SPI continually collects performance data, which can be downloaded for compliance reporting or process optimization.

The SPI unit will give warnings and alarms when water treatment strays from desired parameters.


SPI eliminates the labour to take water samples and make adjustments to disinfectant levels manually. The SPI unit accurately and precisely determines the peroxide or chlorine level and doses the water accordingly to maintain safety and compliance, automatically. It takes the trial-and-error out of staying at the right residual and responds immediately to a critical need.


SPI will continuously ensure that your water contains the right level of disinfectant residual according to guidelines or requirements.

The peroxide or chlorine level can be monitored and exported from the control panel to create charts and reports that confirm the water meets the required expectations.

Adjustments to the different SPI settings can be made easily by scrolling through menus on the display panel - or, by connecting your computer directly to the board, as well as a wireless connection by installing a router.

Once the board is set up according to requirements, SPI automatically takes care of the rest.


SPI began as Kramer Process Engineering and became a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of precision instruments for measuring and control systems in water treatment. The present-day SPI system is the new generation of pioneering photometric methods to monitor water chemistry, and provides a superior measurement and control capability to maintain water quality. SPI is now owned and managed under a shared agreement between SanEcoTec Ltd, a Canadian-based water treatment company, and SEM Waterbehandeling B.V. based in The Netherlands and custom-engineers of water treatment equipment.